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Michelle Lopez

Healthy Aging Specialist at GMHC

Michelle Lopez is the Healthy Aging Specialist at GMHC where she serves the HIV Positive LGBT client population. Her services include individual mental health and substance use screenings, brief interventions and referrals. Educational workshops relevant to the health of Aging LGBT clients with HIV including physical, dental and mental health. At times when needed Michelle serves as a buddy also.

Michelle served as a private consultant for eight years due to her need for providing services without any restrictions as she states. This era of Ms. Lopez life allowed her the capacity to implement HIV care and services at a private primary care facility under the Medical Practice of Brooklyn Family Medical Center. Michelle integrated HIV testing, medical care and access to ART for all diagnosed Positive or at risk for HIV providing access to PrEP and PEP services. Michelle served as The Sexual health Educator for Seniors diagnosed HIV Positive or identified as at Risk, this service was provided under a contract with ACRIA a local organization serving the Over fifty population. Michelle is known throughout the United States as a tireless advocate.

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