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Sohail Rana

Professor of Pediatrics at Howard University

Sohail Rana, MD is a Professor of Pediatrics at Howard University and Conference Director for the International Conference on Stigma and the Roland B Scott Symposium. He received his medical education at King Edwards Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan and trained at the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital and the University of Rochester, NY and is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematology. Along with his Pediatric Hematology research team he has been providing care to children and young adults with HIV and sickle cell disease for more than 30 years in the DC metropolitan area. He ran the Pediatric and Perinatal AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at Howard from 1992-2016. The unit conducted more than 60 clinical trials sponsored by the NIH for treatment of HIV-infected children and adults and prevention of transmission of HIV from mother to child. He conducts many other HIV related and sickle cell disease related projects. Since 2009 he has passionately led the Howard University Stigma Project to battle health-related stigma and discrimination. Dr. Rana has the goal to establish a Center for Social Justice in Healthcare at Howard to combat stigma and fight for human rights.

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